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Understanding User Rights

User Rights are permissions granted to a user  to read, modify, delete or otherwise access parts of a specific Project. 

Users that have Company Rights, will automatically get the same Rights on newly created Projects as they have on Company level. You can give a user different types of rights on different Projects, but you will have to do that manually

There are 18 different types of User Rights. These rights are addable, which means you can eather ‘Add all’ or select specific rights you want to assign to a user.

Project User Rights often correspond with the pages the user has access to. This means that the symbols visible in the sidebar menu on the left depend on your personal User Rights.

If there is no symbol present next to the explanation underneath, this User Right does not affect the menu items in your sidebar menu.

View Project

View this Project and it’s dashboards. The user cannot modify or delete anything related to this project.

When you invite a user to a project, this is a default User Right.

Project Marker Management
Edit, create or delete the Project Markers on the Project’s Map

View 360° Images
Be able to view 360° images on the Project’s Map

Dashboard Management
Create, edit, modify and delete dashboards and their widgets
Company Management
The invited user will be able to see the Companies Page and to do all the things explained in the section How to set up a Company
Project Management
Get an overview of all available projects and edit their settings.
Invite Users to the Project.

Add Projects
Create new Projects for the current Company
User Management
See the Users Page and edit all user information within the current Company

User Right Management
Set up, edit and delete Users’ User Rights within the current Company
Manual Imput
Enter measurements and their values to the portal
View Current Activity
View the current measurements and their value being uploaded and updatet to the portal
View and download the CSV-reports generated from measurements and their values, linked to this project.
Schedule planned reports
Create, (de)activate, edit or delete alerts for this project

Alert Scripts
Create, (de)activate or edit Alert Scripts
Geofence Management
Create, (de)activate, edit or delete geofences for this project
Gateway Management
Register a new gateway, (de)activate and edit gateways’ information and their measurements.

Diagram Management
Create, edit, modify and delete diagrams

Send Gateway Actions
Send actions to a Gateway that allows this type of communication
Updated on 13 July 2021

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