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1. Sidebar menu to the left

Please note! The number of icons visible to you depends on the User Rights you have. Not all pages are accessible to all users.

The homepage shows your project’s Map and Project Markers.
When you hover the Dashboards-icon, you can navigate to your current project’s Dashboards.
By clicking the plus sign you can add a new dashboard.
On this page you can manually add data input in the form of a value, a string value or an uploaded file.
This data will be added to the dashboards, reports, CSV’s and the Current Activity of this measurement.
Here you find the latest data that has been send to the cloud by your gateways.
Download CSV Reports for each of your gateways to get a complete overview of the data it has collected in a certain time span.
You can also schedule to report in a time of your choosing.
Edit your company‘s address, invite users to your company and manage their User Rights. Also (un)include dashboards and gateways on this page.
Get an overview of all the users registered to your company.
Edit their information, add them to other companies and manage their User Rights.
Get an overview of your company’s projects and edit their information.
In- or declude gateways and dashboards to a project, invite users to the project and manage their User Rights.
This page is for managing your alerts and alarms.
Add and edit alerts or put them on (in)active. You can get an overview of the latest issued alerts.
Add and manage your geofences here.

Get an overview of your company’s gateways.
Manage the name, measurements and put them on (in)active.
Also register new gateways to your company.
Diagrams are used for the visualisation of a groundplan. Diagrams can be constructed in multiple layers.
Work Items are tasks you can assign to yourself or other Users. 
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2. Top Menu (Header)

Action Menu
In this menu you can change between projects, add a project or edit or delete your current project
Click to open the menu.
Searchtool for Dashboards
By selecting this tool, you get a pop-up list of all your Dashboards.
You can scroll through the list or type (part of) the name of a Dashboard you are looking for
Print the current page
Print or download (pdf) the current page and all the data it is showing at that moment in time.
The page is date-stamped.
Change Project
Quickly switch between different Projects
You can scroll through the list or type (part of) the name of a Project you are looking for.
Check the box to set your chosen Project as your default Project 
Edit Project
Shortcut to editing your current Project’s information.
Add Project
Add a new Project to your Company
Delete Project
Delete the Project you are currently in
User Options
Edit your personal profile or change your password
Get detailed step-by-step articles on the functionality of the portal

Quickly Log Out of the application
Updated on 7 April 2020

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