How to set up your map with markers


1. Edit your project’s map

  1. Use the menu bar on the left to navigate to the Project Page
  2. Select the project of which you want to edit the map
  3. Select your desired map type
  4. Search for you desired location by entering the address
    This location will be marked on your map with a bubble marker:
  5. Press ‘Get location
    You will find your main location marked on the map
  6. Press save

2. Add project markers to your project’s map

  1. Use the menu bar on the left to navigate to your project’s Home Page
  2. Double click the map in the exact location you want to add a marker
    select the plus sign in the upper right corner to add an auto-positioned Marker
  3. A pop-up menu appears in which you can add information about your marker
    • Select a corresponding dashboard for this marker
    • Select which Data Source this marker is referring to
    • Choose a name for this marker
  4. You can add multiple Data Sources to one project marker by clicking ‘add project marker’ and repeating step 3 for the other gateway(s)
  5. Select how many minutes your gateway may stop sending data before your status marker turns to red
  6. Check the box ‘Auto Position‘ if your gateway sends out gps signals and you want to track the gateway in your map.
  7. Your new marker will appear in your map

Please note! When adding a Project Marker and linking it to a Dashboard, that Dashboard’s Data sources will be locked and no longer editable.

Please note! The name you choose for this Marker will also be the name of the corresponding Dashboard. Either change the name of the Marker and the Dashboard, or choose the same name of your Dashboard.

3. Understanding your project markers

Position Project MarkerBy clicking a position symbol, the map will show the latest known location of this marker
MarkerBy clicking the name of your marker in the Project Marker-list on the right, you will be direct to the corresponding dashboard
You can sort the Marker list alphabetically
Status MarkersThese colorcoded markers show how whether or not your gateway and the device it’s connected to, are active
Both device and gateway are active
Device and gateway are active. Gateway is running behind and collecting older data that has not yet been processed
Gateway is active, the connected device is not
Both device and gateway are inactive
The bubble markers in your map will also be shown in the color of their activity
Last ActivityDate and time of the last connection with the gateway
Edit Project MarkerEdit your project marker’s information
DeleteDelete this marker
Note: this will not delete the corresponding data, Gateway or dashboard
RefreshRefresh project markers and dashboard list. This refresh happens automatically every 30 seconds.
Marker GroupWhen this symbol (also possible with other number inside) is shown on your map, it means multiple markers are grouped for overview purposes.
When clicked, the map will zoom in and show the individual markers.
Updated on 7 April 2020

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