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How to edit a Dashboard and add Widgets

How to edit a Dashboard and add Widgets

  1. Use the sidebar menu to the left to navigate to the Dashboards Page
  2. Select the dashboard to which you want to add a Widget
  3. To create a new Dashboard, select the plus sign
  4. When inside your selected Dashboard, use the Action Menu
    in the upper right corner to select Edit Dashboard
  5.  Edit your Dashboard’s information if wanted
  6. Be sure to add the right Data Source(s). Learn more about Data Sources here
  7. Click Add Widget to create a new widget to your dashboard

Widget Types

Single Block

Action Button




Project Markers


Last Alerts


Wind Rose

Dynamic Table

Time Line

Heat Map

Google Map


  1. Select the desired Widget type
  2. Select from which data source and sensor you want the Widget to show the data
    You can add multiple data sources and sensors to a single Widget
  3. Label this sensor appropriately and click
  4. The next steps vary on the type of Widget you want to create. Click the Widget type in the table above to get specific instructions.

Width & Height

  • The Widget width is specified as a fraction of the web page. One Sixth of the page’s width is the minimal width, a full page is the maximum.
  • The Widget height is measured in Pixels.

Realtime Data

  • Choose whether you want your data to refresh every couple of seconds
    Or if you want it to refresh whenever new data comes in

Refresh in Seconds

Please note! This option will disappear when ‘Realtime data’ is checked

  • Choose how many seconds should be in between refreshing the data

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