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How do I log into the calculus portal?

The calculus portal

Navigate to the calculus portal login screen, this page looks like this.

If you have previously logged into the portal on your device, you may be automatically logged in and not see the login screen.
Login screen calculus platform

Note that the url begins with “https://portal.calculus.group.”

URL calculus portal

If you already have an account on the calculus platform you can login to the portal here. If you already have an account but you have forgotten your password please follow this article. If you are not yet registered on the calculus portal please follow this article first.


My login page looks different

Be sure to check the url of the page, if it starts with “https://my.calculus.group/” you are logging into my.calculus.group and not the calculus portal.

The login page for my.calculus.group looks like this.

Login page my.calculus.group

To navigate to portal.calculus.group from my.calculus.group, click portal at the top of the navigation bar.

Updated on 3 November 2022

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