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Release Note October 2019



  • We added a whole new widget!
    You can now sort your data in a convenient dynamic table. 
    Select which sensors you want to show in the table, and their values will be put in to the table and updated whenever new data is available. Sort your data the way you want to by simply clicking the title.
  • You can now deactivate Projects that have reached their max date or that are deleted.
    This will keep order for multiple Project owners.

Please note! Deactivation is not the same as deleting. by deactivation, you still have the possibility to activate the Projects again. Deletion is permanent.

  • We introduced an auto-zoom in the maps
    The Google maps Widget, home map and Geofence will automatically zoom in to your Project Markers. 
    Simply scroll to zoom back out.
  • Our Cluster was upgraded!
    This will give you a noticable enhancement in processing speed, an éven better security system and the ability to use a single sign on for all your devices.


  • We added a location-based processing on the GPS coordinates
    Every location value that enters our platform, is now processed to calculate the difference between it and the last known value. This means our track and trace abilities significantly improved and we can now tell you when, how much and to where your assets moved.

    Combine this improvement with our new Dynamic Table Widget and you get a very handy overview of the locations of your assets.
Updated on 7 April 2020

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