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Release Note February 2020



  • We implemented an API controller for assets. This allows you to access and visualize data from our portal in your own software systems
  • For numeric data is was already possible to aggregate values. This is now also possible for string values(plain text):
    • STR_FIRST (first of all values), 
    • STR_LAST (the last of all values)
    • STR_COUNT (number of values), 
    • STR_ALL (all string values, divided by a pipe symbol: | ), 
    • STR_DISTINCT (all unique values that were recorded in the time period). 

            The function is useable in the Dynamic Table Widget, the Single Block Widget and the Pie Chart


  • You can now get the postal code and exact address from location information imported to the portal
  • We worked hard on improving the mobile friendliness of our portal
  • We improved upon our new function of forms¬†and reporting¬†with some minor tweaks
  • We improved upon consistency with the save and close buttons in our dialog windows. You can now always find them at the bottom right.
Updated on 7 April 2020

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