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Release Note December 2019



  • We configured quick date range settings for the following Widgets:
    • Chart
    • Heatmap
    • Wind Rose 
    • Timeline widget

Just click the hamburger menu and select the date range you want for the individual Widget.

  • We replaced the save & cancel butons with icons


  • We expanded our internal Health Monitoring system. This way we can collect more and more accurate data from our own running processes.
  • Our Track & Trace abilities have skyrocketed! We improved upon:
    • The follow up on Sigfox movement states 
    • Location caching to calculate meters traveled
  • It’s now easier than ever to add multiple sensorsto your Widgets!
    • In the edit Widget menu, simply click ‘Add Sensors‘ & select all the sensors you want to add to your Widget from the drop down menu.
    • Available for: Chart, Pie, Sankey, Dynamic Table and Timeline Widgets
  • We improved upon the process for creating new alerts
  • We updated our automatic email texts
  • Dashboards were improved by unifying adding and editing of the widgets. You now only have one menu to fill in before you can start Widgeting!
  • On the Home page, getting the location of a Project Marker now zooms in on the Marker for a more detailed location

Updated on 7 April 2020

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