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How to Select Data Sources



A Data Source is literally the source of the data in your Dashboard, so selecting them the right way is important.

When editing or adding a Dashboard, you will need to add the Data Source(s).

  1. Add a new Data Source
  2. Select the Data Source Type
    • Gateway: A Gateway is the master device to which one or multiple slaves or sensors are connected. It makes sure the data is all translated to the same language and its main operation is sending the data to the cloud.
      Select Gateway if you want to use the data of a single Gateway as a Data Source
    • Device Type: Devices Types are a form of templates, based on types of devices that are common in the Portal.
      Select Device Type if you want to use data of multiple Gateways that are grouped in a Device Type
  3. Select your Slave
    • Device Type/ Gateway only:    Select the option ‘only’ if you want to use all sensors of your Gateway or Device Type
    • With slave: A Slave is the way the sensor is connected to the Gateway. You can see it as the ‘entrance’ that the sensor uses to acces the Gateway.
      Add a slave to your Data Source if you are sure that you are only going to need that Slave. If not, select Device Type / Gateway only. It will leave you with more options for later.
      If you are designing Dashboards that will later be used as a Template, it is advised to add a Slave to your Data Source. Then later you can use this Dashboard Template to easily use in bulk.
  4. Create your Path
    • If you have chosen the Device Type/ Gateway only option, all you have to do is choose the right Device Type or Gateway from the dropdown list and choose an alias for your Data Source, and you are finished.
    • If you have used a Slave, you also need to select the right Slave and give that Path an alias
Updated on 7 April 2020

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