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How to add a DeepZoom Image to your Diagram

DeepZoom makes it possible to upload very large images, and zoom into parts while keeping a clear image and low data-usage. It allows users to pan around and zoom in a large, high resolution image or a large collection of images. It reduces the time required for initial load by downloading only the region being viewed or only at the resolution it is displayed at. These seperate ‘regions’, are referred to as tiles. 

Please note! To upload DeepZoom Images, you need the DeepZoomCreator tool. Download the tool here.

Create a DeepZoom image

  1. Log in to the application
  2. Load the image you want to create a DeepZoom image of
  3. Set your advanced options:
    Please note! The default settings in the DeepZoomCreator are normal and common values. We advice to keep these settings on default, except if you have special objectives.
    • Select Layout: Unalterable. DeepZoom Pyramid
    • Select Tile Type: Select the image type you want the tiles to be (JPEG, PNG, TIF, SVG, BMP)
    • Quality: The higher the quality of the image, the larger the file and the more time it takes to load. A quality of 90 is standard.
    • Size: This means the size of a tile. 256 is standard. The larger the tile size, the less deep you can zoom in.
    • Overlap: To ensure a smooth transition while zooming or panning around, the tiles have to overlap a little. 2px Is standard.
      Please note! The overlap can never be bigger than half of the tile size!
  4. Start converting
  5. Find your images by logging in to the portal and navigating to the Diagrams Page 
  6. Your new DeepZoom image will now be in the list

Add a DeepZoom Image to a Diagram

  1. Make sure you are still on the Diagrams Page 
  2. Select the plus sign to add a new Diagram
  3. Check the box to create a DeepZoom Diagram
  4. Use the buttons to navigate inside the Deepzoom diagram
     or scroll
  5. Blur the background if you want all emphasis to be on the items in your diagram
    , leave unchecked if the background is equally important or if you only wish to use the background.
  6. Save 
Updated on 7 April 2020

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