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How to add a Dashboard template to a Company

By adding Dashboard templates to your Company, it is possible to use the set-ups of those existing Dashboards when creating a new Dashboard.

This is very useful is you have a lot of the same facilities or devices. For a good overview, you can have the same type of dashboard for different facilities or devices. Also, it makes setting up a new dashboard much easier, as you do not have to start from scratch.

When setting up a new dashboard, delecting a template dashboard will create the new dashboard based on the template. All widgets and layout will be copied from the template to your new dashboard. 

Please note! To add a Dashboard template to your company, you have to have created a Dashboard in advance. To learn how to create a Dashboard, read this article.

How to add a Dashboard template to your Company

  1. Use the sidebar menu on the left to navigate to the Companies Page 
  2. Select the company to which you want to add a Dashboard template
  3. In the Dashboard-section, you can manually type (part of) the name of the Dashboard you are looking for.
    Or scroll through the list and use the navigation arrows to find a specific Dashboard.
  4. You can change the name of a Dashboard by clicking the current name and editing it
  5. You can (dis)able the Dashboard that you want to make available for the Company users by checking the ‘included’-button

Please note! If you change the name of a Dashboard under Company, you will change this Dashboard’s name in every past or future project

Updated on 7 April 2020

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