How to add a 360° Image

Panoramic photography is an amazing method for creating wide views, 360° photography takes it one step further and allows you to capture your entire view in 360°. This makes an ideal tool to use in digital site management. 

Generally, modern (360°) cameras are equipped with Exif specifications (Exif = Exchangeable image file format). Our portal automatically extracts the usefull metadata tags from the uploaded images:

  • Date and time information
  • Geotags

This allows the system to upload 360° images directly to your Project’s map. You can also add 360° images to a Diagram and incorporate environmental pictures inside a floorplan. Learn how to do that in this article.

How to add a 360° Image to your Project

  1. Use the sidebar menu to the left to navigate to the 360 Images Page
  2. Click the button to upload a new image
  3. Once uploaded, the image will appear in the list
  4. Four different icons show the state of Exif extraction in this column:
    • Exif data is currently being extracted
    • Exif data have been succesfully extracted
    • Something went wrong during the extraction. Our staff is automatically notified and we will try and solve the situation
    • Exif data has not been extracted yet
  5. Select your image
  6. Optional:
    • Rename the image
    • Edit the date and time of photo taken
    • Edit the position/location
  7. Your image will automatically be added to your Project’s Map. By clicking the red icon, you open your 360° Image
Updated on 7 April 2020

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